The interpretation of the Arabic word “wazifa” into English signifies “to utilize”. Be that as it may, the term wazifa is all the more usually used to allude to the act of presenting a few verses or expressions to look for a particular support or reward. In Sufism, the term alludes to the summoning of characteristics of Allah by recounting or reflecting on a few or the greater part of the 99 Names of Allah.

For the sake of Allah, We applaud Him, look for His help and request His pardoning. Whoever Allah controls none can mislead, and whoever He permits to fall off track, none can manage them aright. We give testimony there is none deserving of love however Allah Alone, and we give testimony Muhammad (saws) is His slave-worker and the seal of His Messengers.

On the off chance that by wazifah one intends to recount the Surahs, or verses, or expressions of supplications or glorifications which have been embraced and drilled by the Messenger of Allah (saws) in his real and set up Sunnah; then clearly such recitations would be amazingly helpful and supported in Islam.

Be that as it may, if by wazifah one intends to suggest the self-designed recitations, and the seasons of these recitations, or the self-broadcasted rewards or merits one may get in the event that they take after the self-developed and expressed strategies, etc.when Allah and His Messenger (saws) have never supported such rites.then without a particle of an uncertainty, all such self-concocted wazifahs would constitute show and clear bida or advancements! Each and every advancement in the unadulterated and immaculate deen of Islam is a blunder and a wrongdoing in the Sight of Allah Subhanah; and the adherents who earnestly fear Allah and the Last Day must endeavor to refrain from taking after any development in the immaculate and impeccable deen of Islam.

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